Are you the kind of person who feels like a zombie, unless you have had your morning coffee fix? High-five! You are not alone.

Many people around the world do not start their days without having coffee. And it’s totally worth it! Coffee can fix all bad moods and bad days and give you a fresh start to the day.

Coffee is now an integral part of our daily routines…you know those, those morning trips to your local coffee shop. Standing in those painfully long lines for that delicious hit of liquid gold. It’s an obsession, really. A staple in all our lives.

 But the similarity between coffee lovers ends right here. The size, flavour, style and cup you use for your coffee says a lot about your personality?

Let’s find out what your coffee says about you:


The Classy (Flat White)

A sophisticated, thoughtful and classic individual. One who likes old school ways of doing things; a traditionalist. You are loyal, loving and gentle. Someone who is classy and lives life gracefully. You have a lot of experience in life and talk passionately about all their encounters. You tend to be thoughtful and contemplative.


The Intellectual (Short Black Espresso)

Very much an individual. Fierce and wild, such people are ambitious, determined and want to achieve bigger things in life. You dream big and do big. You have a fun side too; when you party, no one parties like you! Whatever you do, you do the best.


The Contented (Cappuccino)

Someone who likes to stay in their comfort zone. Contented and satisfied with life, you prefer a smooth and stress free kind of life. You are kind and helpful to everybody. You are generous and have a warm heart. Simple, mild, avoiding controversy and argument, you prefer leading a peaceful life.



The Lively one (Mocha)

You are the life of the party! Spontaneous, fun and energetic, you are the kind to make people smile and cheer them up. People admire you for your liveliness and positivity. You don’t care about what other people say about you! You live life your own way. You do what makes you happy.


The Artistic (Chai Latte)

Spirited and courageous, you are the one who likes experimenting with life rather than staying at the same place. You like challenges and adventures. You are not afraid to show off your true personality and self. You are creative and artistic too. You like things big, bold and bright. The bigger, the better!



The Trend-Setter (Bullet-Proof Paleo Coffee)

People look up to you. You have your own way of living life. Your style is not only appreciated but adopted by others too. You are a trend-setter, not a people-pleaser. Others admire your carefree and unique way of living life. You are confident and have amazing leadership qualities.

Psst! They stalk your Instagram regularly too.



The Unique (Herbal Tea)

You are the one who stands out in the crowd. You do not follow the trends or jump on the band wagon just like everyone else does. You like to be unique and do what pleases YOU, not what pleases the society. You remain true to yourself and your choices. What others are doing, doesn’t affect you. You don’t compare yourself to others. You are awesome and you know it.



Now did someone say coffee....